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Thread: PDI 4.2 ce - Agile BI Perspective Problems

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    Default PDI 4.2 ce - Agile BI Perspective Problems

    Hi All,

    I am tring to get the Analyze / ReportWizard to work against a mysql table I already have.

    I start a new transformation and include the corresponding table input step (TI) and preview data, OK.

    I next right-click on the TI step and select Visualize, then "Analyzer".. no thing happens; i try to click on "Reort Wizard"... nothing happens either... I also try clicking on "Model",... nothing happens. Shouldn´t all these options start working and populating automatically?

    I am trying to follow along this

    No luck...

    Any help will be highly appreciated...

    Kind regards,

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    Works fine for me on Linux. Try to look for funny settings, strange operating systems, weird Java virtual machines, 32-64 bit mismatches, funny characters in path names, ...

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    Default Partial Apologies

    Hi Matt..

    I was finally able to get the Analyzer working, but not automatically from the right-click on Table Output step in a transformation (as shown in referenced youtube video).

    Ranther, I have only been able to use the analyzer and the report wizard, changing to the Model perspective and there going thru the motions of creating and saving my mock model. Then to visualize, I could not do so by simply changing perspectives, but rather, I again had to go thru the process of summoning the mock model.

    I will do as advised... too bad I´m not on Linuz myself...

    Thanks and kind regards...

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