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Thread: Carte with named parameter(s)

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    Default Carte with named parameter(s)


    since you can launch transformations and jobs with named parameters in kitchen (there is ample documentation on this), I was wondering whether you can do the same with carte?

    I need to pass a named parameter from a URL to my job, I can launch the job normally in carte's web ui after having executed it once remotely from spoon. However, when I try to run the same job and append the named parameter to it, the job still uses the same default value as in the first remote execution from spoon (I have done this repeatedly...).

    There is a post by Matt Casters on exposing eg. csv as a web service: see "The URL":
    "You can also pass transformation parameters and variables through the URL. Simply add &PARAM=value and the appropriate parameter or variable in the transformation will be set prior to execution."

    However, this seems to be specific to exposing material as a web service. Also, the method executeTrans is different from startExec and startTrans documented in slave server services.

    There is also a discussion on named parameters in kitchen with a similar question and what seems to be an answer:

    So for simplicitys sake can you use eg.: to pass a parameter value to the named parameter in a job running in carte (without coding Java)?

    In case you can do this, what are the steps involved?


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    hey Henrik, I am also looking for similar approch, did you find anything which you can share to me?
    Vishal B.
    Sr. Developer

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    Just tested this with success with a transformation (PDI 4.2.1). See attachment to
    e.g. with the URL:
    Attached to PDI-2663 is a .ktr sample to test without named parameters. It works also with named parameters.

    Please let us know if there are still issues and file a JIRA case for this.


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