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Thread: Can't establish PDI database connection to LucidDB.

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    Default Can't establish PDI database connection to LucidDB.

    PDI version: 4.2
    LucidDB version: 0.9.3 64-bit
    Platform: Windows 7

    After installing LucidDB, starting the server, and establishing a connection to it using Squirrel, I created a new schema called TESTDW and added two tables to it: DIM_DATE and DIM_TIME. This schema was automatically placed under LOCALDB. Please see screenshot 001.jpg.

    I then wanted to view these tables in PDI. I created a new database connection and entered the information as follows:

    Connection Name: testdw_lucid
    Host Name: localhost
    Database Name: LocalDB
    Port Number: 8034
    User Name: sa

    When I clicked 'Test', it showed the connection was successful. Please see screenshot 002.jpg. The JDBC driver is in the libext folder and is the same one I use for Squirrel.

    After creating the connection, I dragged a Table Input widget onto the canvas, chose the right connection, and clicked 'Get SQL select statement...' to check if I could access the tables. What I get was a messagebox with the following error message:

    Unable to retrieve database information because of an error
    at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ (
    at org.pentaho.di.ui.core.database.dialog.GetDatabaseInfoProgressDialog$ (
    at org.pentaho.di.core.database.DatabaseMetaInformation.getData (
    at de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDatabaseMetaData.getCatalogs (
    at de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDatabaseMetaData.queryResultSet (
    at de.simplicit.vjdbc.util.SQLExceptionHelper.wrap (

    I clicked on 'Details', and received further information. Please see Screenshot003.jpg.

    I then clicked Close on the details window, and OK on the initial error messagebox, and was taken to a Database Explorer window with no tables. Please see Screenshot004.jpg.

    I tried variations on this process such as:
    a) Renaming the database name to LOCALDB.TESTDW in database connections.
    b) Manually typing a select statement (SELECT * FROM TESTDW.DIM_DATE)

    Each time, I get the same result.

    Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you for reading.
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    Hi there,

    not sure about the specific causes here, but for LucidDB it used to be beneficial to have users and their schemas tied together. I.e. create a schema, make it the default for a LucidDB user and create a connection with that user. It should put you into the user's schema by default, thus allowing you to see his tables.

    PS: it's worth posting this in too


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    Update: I never did solve this problem.

    But switching to LucidDb 0.9.4 on Linux helped me avoid the issue altogether. Everything worked fine after that.

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    I am experimenting the same issue how can I create a user and a schema , plz help

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