We are working on the project where we generate conceptual and logical design of the ETL. We are interested in connecting our outputs to the inputs of Kettle, and thus we need a means for translating our outputs into Kettle formats.

As we understand there are two ways:
1) Directly generating ktr and kjb files from our outputs or,
2) Using Java API for dynamical generation of transformations.

Now, since the output of our logical design is specific XML format we thought of using the first approach and automatic translation into Kettle xml formats (ktr and kjb) using XSTL. To do so, we need to figure out all details of the kts/kjb formats. It would be great if there is a thorough explanations of these formats and maybe a DTD. Besides that the examples of the ktrs for different sets of transformation types would be also very helpful.
If you can, please post some links where we can find these things.

By the way, in your opinion, what would be a better solution, using API or this direct translation that we tend to do?

Thank you very much.