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Thread: Setting variabes without using "Get System Info" or

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    Default Setting variabes without using "Get System Info" or

    Hi I want to set a variable APPLICATION_HOME to a particular folder. I can pass the folder as a parameter and set it using "Get System Info" step in some transformation, say ABC. But in my application I access all the transformations like ${APPLICATION_HOME}/transformations/*.ktr , so I can't access the ABC transformation without actually setting the variable. I can set it in, but I want my application to be very easily portable and I don't want to assume that will always be available and even if available it would be in the same path in all the machines.

    So what would be the best way to set APPLICATION_HOME variable ?

    By the way, when is created ? Because when the copied the software to the new machine yesterday it wasn't there. But now it is there.

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    I'm using a variable to read the name of a file and it's setup in the Text Input step something like this: D:\abc\${FileName}. And whenever I launch the transformation I write the name of the file I want the transformation to read in the Variables grid. I don't know if that helps you or gives you any ideas.

    Actually I just realized, if it's the same path for the job and for the transformations you can use this ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory}/transformations/*.ktr


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