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Thread: Working with denormalized data

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    Default Working with denormalized data

    I have a large number of denormalized files, that look very much like the example in the Row Normalizer step:

    However the step requires that the field names be manually configured. I don't understand how this can be practically used, since the number of fields in a denormalized table is variable: it depends on the number of rows in the normalized tables (e.g. product table in the example). If I had a hundred files, each with a different set of "product" fields, how would I import them?

    I have the same question about the Row Denormalizer step. The number of output fields depends on the number of rows in the product table. But the step requires this to be manually configured.

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    Version 4.2 fortunately adds support for both mentioned steps to the Metadata Injection system. It allows you to dynamically do the row normalization for all hundreds of files with a single transformation template.
    See examples elsewhere on this forum and in the samples/transformations/meta-inject folder.

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