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Thread: Delete Environment variable

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    Default Delete Environment variable

    Hi there,

    i have a problem with my environment variables.

    I want to delete ModuloAkt and ModuloAnz (I mark them and press delete)
    By they appear when i start the dialog again.

    I thought they are stored in But i only find the other variables in this file.

    So where are they stored and how can i delete them?
    I use the same variables as parameters and my jobs/transformations get confused now.

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    I think Spoon finds them in your transformation or job somewhere.

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    I know this is really old and probably dead; but just for the record... I've just upgraded from 5.2 to 5.4 PDI.
    I can start PDI clean, select Create New Job, and click start...
    and shazaam, without having set on variable, or loaded a property from a file, magically PDI "knows about" some 27 variable names that were previously loaded from an old job.
    There are only 3 that I can account for having been read in from The other 24 are not on the job because the job is a blank canvass and there are no transforms associated with it.

    So the point is, somehow, magically, PDI remembers environment variables. And more importantly I can go into set environment variables and delete them, save the job, and press start; and shazaam, they are all back again.

    So I think 'Barni' had a potentially valid point. And here we sit 4 years later and the issue persists. It is after all a valid question - how do I get rid of environment variables I no longer want but that PDI insists are there?

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