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Thread: Email on failure and log analysis

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    Default Email on failure and log analysis

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to set my PDI job to send email only if job fails. As far as I know this is only could be done through analysis of the log file. Am I correct or there is a standard tool for it?

    In addition, suppose my PDI job has multiple steps and I would like to receive an email only if any of the internal steps fail. My solution would be to analyze log of every step and then send an e-mail or to wrap my my multiple step job into singe step job and analyze only one log.

    Could anybody share any ideas?


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    You don't need to analyze any logs for sending e-mails in case of job failures. Every step in a Job can follow a stream in case of success and in case of failure. Just use an Send-EMail-Entry for the failure-stream

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