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Thread: Insert/Update issue - Unknown column

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    Unhappy Insert/Update issue - Unknown column


    I am taking Salesforce data ( using Salesforce Input component ) and trying to us Insert/Update to update the target table. We did update the column list on the salesforce side and we have pulled those new columns into the salesforce input definition.

    I am getting :-

    Error looking up row in database
    Unknown column 'Lead ID' in 'field list'

    But the field exists in the table (partial DDL) :-

    CREATE TABLE `salesforce_leads` (
    `Lead ID` varchar(18) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Deleted` char(1) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Master Record ID` varchar(18) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Last Name` varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
    `First Name` varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Salutation` varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Full Name` varchar(121) DEFAULT NULL,
    `Record Type ID` varchar(18) DEFAULT NULL,

    In the insert/Update component all target fields are mapped - confirmed by looking in the 'Edit Mapping'. I have refreshed the cache for the table definition and the DDL is correct (using the Target table - browse button).

    I have re-created the Insert/Update component several times but no difference.

    Am I missing something? Is the error message hiding some other error?

    I am using PDI 4.1

    Going crazy over this !

    Thanks for any help.

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    hi tnewman,

    I'm having the same problems. Did you find a solution ?

    I'm using pdi 4.2.1

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    Once you are quoting qualifiers in a database, character case makes a difference. So `Lead ID`, `lead ID` and `Lead id` are all different. Verify this in the UI.

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