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Thread: refresh of data

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    Default refresh of data

    hello everybody,

    I have an analyser view published for the users of the BI platform. the data in the background is refreshed every night.

    when the user opens the analyzer view, then the data is not refreshed. the user will have to click on "clear cache", close the view and open it up again.

    is there any way to force a refresh of the data when opening the view?



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    gmoran Guest


    No, but you can clear the Mondrian cache (this clears the ENTIRE cache for all users) by configuring the following action sequence to run on a nightly schedule after the data is updated:


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    I never understood the real impact of doing this. clearing the cache could have a severe impact on the performance of the cube, I guess. so the cache will have to be re-built and this is usually done by the users. they (at least the first ones) will suffer from bad performance, right?

    from a user perspective I think it would be good to have a refresh button, that reloads the data in the analyzer view iso using a cache.



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