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Thread: Kettle Unzip File

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    Default Kettle Unzip File


    I am trying to unzip a set of files from one folder, Is there a way I can skip the 0 bytes files. currently if there is any zero bytes files the Unzip fails.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Not that I am aware of. Can you please file a Jira against the 0 byte files though? That is something that should not be a problem.

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    I would vote against this. PDI can only do so much, and having a zero byte zip file is the result of some other error, and should not be managed by PDI, in the same way that a corrupt zip file will still fail.

    Why not impose on the process creating the file to do some error handling.

    Nonetheless, binuvc can implement this in a two step mechanism .
    - Use the Get Files step to read all zip files in the directory.
    - Check the file size field coming out of the Get file step.
    - Exclude the zero byte file
    - Process the rest.

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    I tend to agree with crafter on this one. A zero byte file may mean something to someone else, i.e., the existence or lack thereof may be a flag of some sort. Also, there may be some meaning to the filename, i.e., a date encoding or some other metadata.

    If you still insist on creating a Jira to add the feature, be sure to ask for it as an option such as a checkbox to "Exclude zero length files".
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