Hi All,

I am using PDI 4.2 against MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

I transported a number of large text file to tables in Sql Server, and everytime I try to preview using a Table Input step against any of these large tables, kettle does not return any data, but rather the following message:
2011/11/02 14:50:04 - Spoon - Logging goes to file:///C:/Users/DMurray/AppData/Local/Temp/spoon_dbb37619-058b-11e1-83da-e73407f46afb.log
2011/11/02 14:50:06 - Version checker - OK
2011/11/02 14:50:07 - class org.pentaho.agilebi.platform.JettyServer - WebServer.Log.CreateListener localhost:10000
2011/11/02 14:51:37 - /Transformation 1 - Dispatching started for transformation [/Transformation 1]
The referenced log file is in fact empty.

I confirm the tables are populated and can effectively read the data directly in SQ Server.

The connection I have set up is working given Kettle's Database Explorer displays the database contents as well as the fields for each table.

Can any one advise what the problem could be?

Many thanks