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Thread: Report Bursting Cannot be Implemented?

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    Default Report Bursting Cannot be Implemented?


    We are using Pentaho Data Integration 3.2 stable, PRD 3.0, Pentaho BI Server CE 3.0 stable version.

    Now we have got a requirement to implement report bursting for a report ...

    Is it possible to implement report bursting using above combination of pentaho tools?

    Can some one help me on this?


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    Default Certainly can.

    You can do bursting in several ways.

    It can be done through the BI server using the Eclipse design tool.

    My preference is to use the Data Integrator. Design your report in the report designer with parameters. Then you can use the data integrator to pass parameters to the report save it and then email it based on the parameters.

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    Default Report Bursting using Pentaho Kettle 3.2.0 / Pentaho BI Server 3.0 CE / RD 3.0


    Thanks for your reply,

    You mean we can acheive pentaho report bursting using these tools (Report Bursting using Pentaho Kettle 3.2.0 / Pentaho BI Server 3.0 CE / RD 3.0) ...?

    I am searching for some samples for report bursting implementation, but i am getting samples for bursting using Pentaho Data Integration 4.2 ...

    But I want to do report bursting using Pentaho Data Intergration 3.2 (bcos i have only report.xaction, report.xml, files with me to do bursting, and no .prpt files as we use BI Server 3.0) ...

    Can you help me?


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    If you want to do it using the BI Server, why are you posting here?
    Wouldn't it be easier to simply install PDI 4.2 somewhere and use that?

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