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Thread: String operation with delimiter

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    Default String operation with delimiter


    I have a field with delimiters.If the field name, delimiter and the occurrence are given as input, i need that particular part of the string to be displayed.

    For example,
    if a field 'Name' is having values like Aaa,Bbb,Ccc
    Expected output is Ccc

    Can this be done??? I tried using Split fields to rows. But it dint work.

    Please Help

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    Can you post a sample transformation? It's not quite clear to me where to information about the "occurrence number" of the string is coming from. Is it part of the source data or you just define it as a constant within the transformation?
    Also, how many comma separated values can there be? Is it always 3 or does it vary? What's the max number of values?

    Depending on your answer, there can be various solutions to extract a certain value from a comma separated list.
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    The occurence number is a constant which user defines.
    The number of comma separated values is unknown. It may vary. There is no limit for the number of values.

    please help.

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    In javascript step
    parts = user_data.split(",");
    occurence_number = parts[parts.length -1]
    var value = parts[occurence_number -1];
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    Thanks a lot It works like a charm

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