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Thread: Best Way to Handle Time Fileds

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    Default Best Way to Handle Time Fileds

    In my data sent I have a time field that is imported as a string but in the format hh:mm:ss. I would like to use this as a filter value so I can pull records that were crated after a certain time (ex. time>11:15:00).

    What is the best way to handle this?

    I have been trying to add a constant for todays date (haven't figured this our) and then using the calculate to concant the two fileds (Add time B to date A). My logic is I could then use todays date to normalize the date time and let me get the values I want.

    I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

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    Use the Get System Info step to retrieve the current date and then concatenate that date with your incoming time strings and the cutoff time using the Calculator step. Lastly, use a Filter Rows step to determine which times are before the cutoff and which ones are after. Here are the steps I used.
    1. Data Grid - generate some time strings to test the logic. This is where your incoming data would be read.
    2. Add Constants - add a time string constant to compare against. This really should be a parameter or read from a file.
    3. Select Values - convert the fields from 1. and 2. to Date datatype using HH:mm:ss format.
    4. Get System Info - retrieve the current date
    5. Calculator - concatenate the current date to the time values and the cutoff time value.
    6. Filter Rows - compare the datetime values with the cutoff datetime.
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    Thanks, this worked great.

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