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    Does anyone have a working example for a loop job that specifically does one thing -- getting data for the missing days? So, to illustrate, I have done a major bug fix today and all data needs to be reloaded from July 2011 to yesterday. The loop job would allow me to set the endDate (yesterday) and startDate (2011-07-01). Then, it sets the date variables in to the main job and runs for that day and when finished goes out and picks another day and run it until the date range period is complete.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    i have attached a simple (PDI 3.2.5) example how to create a looping job to ping a host up to n-times (the counter n can be configured and is incremented automatically).

    Since we use a database-repository, you must perhaps rename logging and database connection settings, if you use a database repository either.


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    Thanks Thomas!
    We use file repository (Tortoise SVN), but nevertheless will try this out either way.

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