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Thread: Pentaho 3.10. - XACTIONS and XML report definitions

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    Default Pentaho 3.10. - XACTIONS and XML report definitions


    I worked with Pentaho 2.0 in several projects

    There I implemented an xaction with the pentaho design studio to get and calculate all data from database and to ask several parameters from the user. The report layout I designed with the report designer and exported it to an xml report definition. Within the xaction I specified the xml file as report definition and all works fine.

    Now I got Pentaho 3.10. (with Report Designer 3.8. and Design Studio 4.0) and it doesn't works. In the report designer I have no possibility to export a xml report definition. And in the design studio i can create an xaction and declare the prpt-file from report designer as report definition but it does not work. The report is empty. I know the the new report designer delivers the possibility to ask parameters from the user.

    Is it no longer possible to calculate the data within the xaction and use the report definition from report designer to show the data ? How can I do this ?

    Thank you for help.

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    Yes, i'ts possible. Two way: use only prpt format (query, parameter into the report) o a xaction that pass to prpt a result set. Prpt must have an external datatasource.

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