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Thread: problem with data doubling

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    Default problem with data doubling

    i have a strange problem. I use update component, but if current row is new row is directed to table output.
    Normally may transformations (about 40) work wine. But if it really work (automatically job runs at some intervals) i have a problem. Sometimes (maybe one for 10-20 runs) data was doubled. Its mean that current row is in target db but update component recognizes this row as a new (update lookup key failed). This situation take place one for 10-20 runs and in 1-2 for about 40 transformations.

    Have you any idea why?

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    What sequence of steps are you using to verify the keys? Also, what is the format and datatype of the key? These things may help in solving the problem.
    Java 1.7 (64 bit)
    MySQL 5.6 (64 bit)
    Windows 7 (64 bit)

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    To verify keys i only use update component. I compare integers

    btw. I use 'make the transformation database transactional' option
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