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View Poll Results: What integration method do you prefer for monitoring?

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  • SNMP

    6 40.00%
  • JMX

    2 13.33%
  • HTTP (returning HTML or XML as it is today)

    9 60.00%
  • Other integration points

    2 13.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Poll: Monitoring via SNMP / JMX / HTTP

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    Default Poll: Monitoring via SNMP / JMX / HTTP

    For the new release we will add a couple of monitoring features and we would like to get your feedback to the following questions.

    These questions apply most to larger enterprises, but feel free to add any comment you have!

    1) What integration for monitoring with Kettle, Data-Integration- or Carte-Server would you prefer:
    a) SNMP
    b) JMX
    c) HTTP (returning HTML or XML as it is today)
    d) other integration points?

    2) What monitoring tools do you use or prefer?

    3) What metrics are you measuring or do you need to measure?

    Thanks a lot for helping with this!

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    so, who voted jmx and why? What tools are you using that make jmx useful for monitoring?
    Also; As for "other integration points" such as..?

    I voted snmp as it works well with our existing nagios systems.

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    I use Zenoss and struggle a bit with monitoring. I wrote a UDJC to use syslog using unix domain sockets rather than tcp. It's still not great though. It would be great if I had easy access to things like "facility" (see and could wrap an entire job in a monitoring routine that would write to syslog with an indication of what failed. I'd like to avoid cluttering my jobs/steps with individual monitoring steps - so a job or transformation setting would be ideal that complains to syslog with a meaningful error would be nice.

    I use heartbeat with SNMP traps calling snmp from a shell step. Perhaps there are some better approaches - we'll be looking at monitoring in more detail over the next few weeks. I may have some additional details as an update.

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    SNMP v2c and v3 on IP v4 and v6 would be very helpful, as many IT resources uses this for performance data collection.
    The solution should allow load of MIBs and configuration of authentication per polled interface.

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    I would want to know a little bit more on the SNMP question - is this intended to be SNMP Polling (eg. Nagios queries the DI server every 5 seconds) or SNMP Trap (PDI sends a trap for ETL Start, ETL End)

    I like the Trap idea, I'm just not sure how that plays through.
    Perhaps we can build a list of requirements for what we want this to do, and submit it as a JIRA?

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    Thanks all for the great insights. In combination from the customer feedback we got, we will go with supporting SNMP at first and see if the JMX user stories come in the future.
    Feel free to add your requirements to this JIRA
    This will be more detailed soon.

    Thanks again!

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    Wondered if this is a dead request? Been checking in on it for some time now...

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