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Thread: store data in the same excel excel I'm using in the ETL

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    Default store data in the same excel excel I'm using in the ETL


    I am working with PDI and I have a doubt.
    I have an ETL that extracts data from an excel file, then compare it to others,make processes and have new data.
    What I need is to aggregate the new data in the same excel file which opened at the beginning of the ETL.

    I tried pointing the options "Append" and "dont create file to start", but what does is replace the old data with new data.

    How can I do this???

    Thank you very much that I can help me.

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    I suggest you to use the excel writer step to do this kind of operation: if you're using PDI from 4.2.0 on you can find it in the sperimental folder, on the otherside you can download it from

    In the Content tab you must check "Start writing at the end of the sheet".

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