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Thread: Comparing CSV data and outputting updated items to CSV

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    Default Comparing CSV data and outputting updated items to CSV

    I get price lists from vendors in excel format and have pricing data in csv format that I pull from our servers. I want to compare the new pricing data with what we already have and then output the pricing corrections to a csv to be uploaded later. The problem I'm having is that sometimes vendors change the part numbers, for example from ES-506 to ES506, and I need to keep the old part number. So I need the pricing to get updated, but not the part number. I have it updating the pricing just fine, just not sure on the best way of handling keeping the old name. I'm using PDI 4.2 and have supplied the .ktr and an example pricelist of what I have to convert. Yes, there are some steps that can be combined/removed to clean up the transform but I'll do that later.
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    Figured that out. Ultimately had to split it into 2 transforms. In the first transform, I did a left outer join with the new and old sheets. This gets me another row in my new sheet containing what the old name is for the part if it exists in the database. If the old name is different than the new name and not null, I replace the new with the old. The results are then passed to the 2nd transformation where I update the pricing, etc.

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