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Thread: Invalid Handling of Question Mark in URL in Text File Input

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    Default Invalid Handling of Question Mark in URL in Text File Input

    Could someone please enter a new jira for this problem?

    Version = 4.2.1-stable
    Build = 2011-10-25 15.27.10
    Step = Text File Input

    Issue: When a url is put into the File / Directory cell that includes a question mark, it may processes it OK, but if a second file is also entered , then it just reprocesses the first entry instead of processing the second one. This will occur if the file names (url's) are entered as the file name, or if they are passed as variables.

    Instructions to Recreate the issue:
    Create a Transformation with a Text File Iput step and a Text File Output step
    In the Text File Input, place these url's in the file name cells:
    In the content tab, Filetype = fixed, no separator, no enclosure, no header, and check "Include Filename in Ouput"
    In the fields tab, enter one field that is string from position 0 to 2000
    In the Text File Output, writ to the file of your choice

    Process it and it will process the first file twice and the second file not at all
    It is somehow getting confused by the question mark.


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    Some reason you can't enter the JIRA yourself ?

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    OK - I entered a new case. I wasn't sure how you'd like to see some of the answers / selections when creating the new case (like severity), so I guessed.

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