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Thread: Execute every row problem

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    Default Execute every row problem


    I am trying to understand how 'Execute for every input row' works.

    1) I have a master job that has a transformation the reads from the txt file and copies the 'rows to results'.

    2) I then call a job 'optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_call' ( see pictures ) - for this job I have 'Copy previous results to parameters' and 'Execute for every input row' checked under the Advanced tab. In the parameter list I have the columns that are in the 'results' from the previous transformation.

    3) In 'optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_call' (see picture), I delete a file and then have transformations that create an xml soap message. Only one of the transformations (optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_body) uses the parameters that were passed.

    4) Instead of the sequence of events in the called job being executed for each input row, it seems that the 'file delete, optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_hdr, and optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_ftr' is execute once, but the optimus_salesforce_acct_chk_body is executed for each input row.

    I end up with a file that contains two 'detail' type rows (see picture) with one hdr and one footer. Instead what I want, is the file output to have one header, one detail and one footer type row.

    Seems to me that the 'execute fro each row' is not working right?

    Any ideas?
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    Have you checked that your output filenames changes and that you are not overwriting the same file every time?
    I made that mistake once.

    Alternatively, run your job using the Details option for the log and check if you have any error messages.

    Finally, please have a look at the following blog:


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