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Thread: Admin Console Start Script Hangs After Starting Console

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    Default Admin Console Start Script Hangs After Starting Console

    Hi all,

    We're installing the BI Server package as follows:

    Package: biserver-ce-3.10.0-stable.tar.gz
    OS: SuSE Linux Enterprise Version 11 SP1 (32 bit)
    Host: Amazon AWS

    The BI Server itself appears to be working fine. Our problem is in starting the Administration Console and the problem is pretty obvious from the attached screen shot.

    After starting the Admin Console, we get the expected text displayed at the command line, ending in "Console is now started. It can be accessed using ...", but the window never returns to the command prompt. The start script ( appears to be hanging after the console has been started. If we add an "echo" line at the end of "" that line never gets displayed.

    If we leave the Linux command window open just as it is in the attached image, then the Admin Console works as expected, but if the Linux command window is closed, then the Admin Console is no longer available.

    Anyone have any idea what we're doing wrong here? We've tried both IBM and Oracle Java packages and numerous clean installs with the same results. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    that is how the script of PAC behaves. all info/warning/errors are also shown in this screen.
    it is also recommended to start pac only when you need it and do not keep it running all the time.


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    Wow, thanks for the very speedy reply. I guess I'm a bit too inexperienced with Pentaho at this point to understand the logic behind this behavior. It would seem like a few select "admin" users would want to be able to access the Admin Console as required to maintain the list of roles and users, without having to open a Linux command window in order to do so. Is security the reason that access to the console is so restricted?

    Also, if the script is intended to just freeze the Linux command window, forcing either a window closing or CTRL Z to get back to a command prompt, what is the purpose of the script "/"?

    Thanks again.
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    Actually this is *Nix behavior: normally, you would run the Admin Console service as a detached process, something sort of like this:

    /bin/bash ./ 1>pac.log 2>&1 &

    This tells the bash shell to execute, redirects both normal and error output to pac.log, the final ampersand detaches the process from your terminal. (see "man bash" for more details). When executed this way, the stop script is required to terminate the admin console service.

    BTW, did you ever get an explanation as to why PAC should only run when you need it? Since I plan to hand those admin functions off to a Biz Analyst who is not especially technical, this would be a problem.

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    Thanks for the very helpful response. I'll give this a try, but what you explain makes much more sense than what I'm doing right now.

    No, I never got any more explanation as to why we apparently have to be so careful about running the Admin Console. The first response led me to believe it's a security concern, but the complexity of starting and stopping PAC makes "hand-offs" like you suggest less attractive.

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