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Thread: Command Line not working?

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    Red face Command Line not working? - Solved

    Hi. On a windows PC (XP SP3) and with Java 7. I have setup a very simple job that does: 1. Delete files 2. Run a transformation I have tested the job in Spoon and it works fine. I have created a .bat file with following line: "C:\program files\data-integration\kitchen.bat" /file:"C:\Work\PCCheck\Postcode Check.kjb" /log:"C:\Work\PCCheck\Out\PostcodeCheckLog.txt" /level:Basic When I double click on my batch file the DOS window appears and quickly disappears. I can spot that: 1. java is launched fine 2. job file is found 3. delete files works properly Unfortunately the log file is empty. Note that I have tested it and it actually delete files. I am puzzled by the fact that my transformation is not initiated.

    After some searching I have decided to execute my batch file from within a cmd window, which retained all the error messages:
    ERROR 23-11 13:49:05,250 - Delete Previous Results - Could not process [C:\Work\
    Tech4T\PCCheck\Out\], exception: Could not delete "file:///C:/Work/Tech4T/PCChec
    ERROR 23-11 13:49:05,250 - Delete Previous Results - org.apache.commons.vfs.File
    SystemException: Could not delete "file:///C:/Work/Tech4T/PCCheck/Out/PostcodeCh
    at org.apache.commons.vfs.provider.AbstractFileObject.deleteSelf(Unknown
    Using my batch command I created the log file in the same directory where I wanted to delete text files!
    Hence the error.

    I have changed the path for my log file and everythign is working OK.

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