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Thread: Repository duplication

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    Default Repository duplication

    [SOLVED - discrepancy in repositories.xml]

    I have a working set of transformations (PDI 4.2 stable) writing to postgres.
    I am in the process of trying a new backend, but did not want to mess our current transformations, and thus decided to fully duplicate the current repository, in the following manner:

    mysql> CREATE DATABASE newPentaho;
    mysqldump -u root old_pentaho | mysql -u root newPentaho

    Then it is just a matter of creating a new repository connection pointing to the new DB (newPentaho), adding the xml definition in repositories.xml and we are all set.

    For testing, I just changed the definition of our output_connection to point towards the new DB instead of postgres, *in the new repository*.

    The thing is, when I run a transformation or when i create a new job, it connects to the old repository whatever the -rep parameter I give or the repository I choose when graphically loging in.

    This does not seem normal to me, is there a way for me to fix this?

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    Maybe I can give a clearer test case:

    ** Situation:
    Two repositories, the new one being a clone of the old one as described in the previous post

    ** Jobs defined via spoon, the graphical interface:
    -- I create JOB1 in the new repository
    -- I create JOB2 in the old repository.

    In the interface, all look as expected (job1 appears only in new, job2 only in old).

    ** execution
    Where I run the job via the cli (
    It does not matter which repository I give via the -rep command line switch, job1 will never be found (Can't find job : Job1) job2 will always be found and exected, meaning that kitchen always connect to the old repository.

    /usr/local/pentaho/ -level=Basic -rep=new -user=*** -pass=*** -job=Job2 -dir='/'

    This discrepancy between spoon and kitchen does not seem right to me.


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