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Thread: xpath question

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    Default xpath question

    Hi All,

    I'm having a bit of trouble with xpathon PDI 4.2.0 (ubuntu 11.04)

    I have a an xml document that stores avalue in an href. If I use:

    openRate/@href– I get values such as #id7

    If I use:

    //*[@id='id7'] – I get the propervalue for id7 41.6667

    Here's my trouble...

    If I try this

    //*[@id=substring-after(openRate/@href,'#')] EMPTY

    The value comes back empty... SOAP Liteseems to resolve the link in the background... any thoughts aboutwhat might be wrong? I've tried various combinations of quotes andconcats (thinking that quoting was as issue) – but no luck.

    Any advice?

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    Would you be able to post a sample file and the expected results for us?


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    Hi Slawomir,

    I worked it out. I needed to use a stream append using a different xpath - but it seems to work ok. We'll probably get a consultant to come in soon and do a baseline assessment (and unwind some of the ignorance that I may have introduced). If you have any suggestions for someone that can do some work (we use CE) would you PM me?



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    Hey David,

    good to hear there's progress
    As for PDI specialists, you can try recruiting someone on the forums, place a query on Linked in, or reach out to a pentaho sales rep, who could establish contact with a pentaho partner company local to you.


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