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Thread: Data Validator - can we see which errors occurred per row?

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    Post Data Validator - can we see which errors occurred per row?

    Hello all,

    I am working on a project that extracts data from an Oracle database and generates fixed length flat file output that are picked up by an external system. For each row I am required to make certain pre-defined checks to catch any data entry errors by users. I am using the data validator step which I am finding extremely useful as I can place numerous checks in one place. My question relates to the first two options 1) Report on all errors and not only the first and 2) Output one row, concatenate errors with separator

    For my case I need to check both and I am able to successfully output the errors to a table. However I see no way to know which errors out of the ones being checked actually occurred so I can report back for data entry personnel to fix before next night's run. I was hoping in addition to outputting the error rows there was a way to see which error codes came into play for each row. When I read option concatenate errors with separator I thought I could see that as a field in the output. Is there a way for me to see that information?

    Please advice.

    Many Thanks,

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    I too would like the answer to this question if anyone knows it!

    In the attached "test_validate.ktr" file, I would like to be able to trap for individual validation errors and change the value of the specific field(s) that errored.

    I thought perhaps with the "Report all errors..." and "Output one row..." checkboxes checked I would be given the option to see the error code in-stream, split it, and update individual fields accordingly (switching on if an error occurred for that field).

    Any thoughts?

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    At first you must configure error handling for the Data-Validator step: Right click and select "Error handling..." from the step menu.
    By adding fields to a Text-File-Output step you effectively remove all fields not specified from the stream, comparable to a Select-Values step.
    So, empty the TFO field list to allow all incoming fields to be written once.

    BTW: IMO it's always better to create your own new thread instead of adding a question to a dead one.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks Marabu!

    Yep, in "Define Error Handling" I had not entered a value for "Error codes fieldname". That's got it going for me.


    Quote Originally Posted by marabu View Post
    BTW: IMO it's always better to create your own new thread instead of adding a question to a dead one.
    Yeah I usually do the same. But in this case it was the exact question I wanted to ask and I thought it wasn't as bad as asking something that had already been asked before.
    But maybe not

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