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Thread: Is this a bug - Hanging transform

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    Default Is this a bug - Hanging transform


    Say you have a table input step. you want to use it as a source for 2 other steps.

    The first - a data validator. or some other stream lookup step.
    The second a merge join.

    Say you have a small rowset size. ( 500 )

    So; you run it for say 50k records. It hangs; Because the data validator needs to read ALL the rows from the table input step, but the table input step is blocked because it cannot write any more than 500 to the merge join step.

    Errrm, maybe I need a pic Anyway, is it a bug? or is it user error (Caused by over zealous performance tuning) ?


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    use the "Dummy" Step to combine two incoming streams... the merge join might cause a kind of deadlock situation

    ...hmm, after reading your question exactly I would try to use the Dummy step as first step after the "Table Input" and then broadcast your data to the two other steps from there....



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    using a dummy step like that only gives you more rowset cache, and it could potentially hide the issue, but fundamentally it still has the same problem if you have enough records.
    However, Matt may well have fixed this now, in the sense that there is now an exception in this scenario, see this great description here:

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