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Thread: Condtional job-transform execution.

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    Default Condtional job-transform execution.

    Hi all,

    bit of a new Pentaho user here.

    Kettle/Spoon version: 4.1.0
    Source db's: Oracle/sql server/mysql/firebird
    Target data warehouse: mysql/debian

    Is there a generally accepted way to perform conditional execution, driven by either a date or some returned result set from a query.

    As in:
    Start -> transform01 -> transform02 -> get date -> if Monday -> transform03
    -> else if Friday -> transform04
    -> else if "something else" -> job02 -> etc -> etc

    where the "something else" may be a count of results or some other flag/variable/etc.

    I understand I could split the job up and control it via cron/job scheduler but I was looking for a way to programmatically do so without having to do so outside the kettle etl environment.

    I'm fairly new at this as well, so my thinking about how to think through this sort of thing may be flawed.



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    I would do it in this way (in a job):
    * First call a transformation which set a variable "day_of_week"
    * then have a chained "Simple evaulation" Job entries which check for the content of ${day_of_week}.

    Attached a screenshot which should give you the rough idea.
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