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Thread: NullPointerException configuring a role in Pentaho - Jpivot - Mondrian

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    Default NullPointerException configuring a role in Pentaho - Jpivot - Mondrian

    Hi, i am trying to configure a mondrian role in pentaho bi-server 3.10 like this:

    <Role name="pu103">
    <SchemaGrant access="none">
    <CubeGrant cube="sales_2011" access="all">
    <HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Seller]" topLevel="[Seller].[Seller]" access="custom">
    <MemberGrant member="[Seller].[103]" access="all">

    so if i access report without Seller dimension and logged as pu103, results are shown fine and Seller dimension is ok as a filter, but when i
    want to show seller dimension in table, i am getting this:

    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianMember.<init>(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianModel.addMember(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianResult.initData(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianResult.<init>(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianModel.getResult(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.model.OlapModelDecorator.getResult(

    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.model.CachingOlapModel.getResult(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.model.OlapModelDecorator.getResult(

    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.table.TableComponent.updateOlapModel(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.table.TableComponent.render2(
    at com.tonbeller.jpivot.table.TableComponent.render(
    at com.tonbeller.wcf.component.RendererTag.doEndTag(
    ... 75 more

    if i remove topLevel from role configuration and add rollupPolicy="partial", i can see Seller dimension,
    but rollupPolicy has not effect, as if was "full"

    looking jpivot source code in MondrianMember constructor , level is arriving null from mondrian, so

    there is a solution for this?, someone has the same problem?


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    I'm facing the same problem now. Did you find a solution?

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