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Thread: load properties file with Jscript - little problem

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    Question load properties file with Jscript - little problem

    Dear everybody:
    i'm using properties file to call enviroment variable (or global variable, i don't know the correct words).
    This transformation (Properties input steps and Javascript steps) function correctly in Dababase Connection (For example, i have a variable called and the database is connected Ok) but if i call some file with wilcard in Regular Expression, the steps don't read the file.

    Is normally this? This happens in Get FIle Name steps. I'm using vataiable in folder and wilcard, and, folder is Ok, wilcard, not ok.

    Can you help me or explain me?

    important is the this steps available the variable.

    I'm using the 4.2 Kettle version.


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    any comment will be well, thanks!

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    Do you use a variable to look for a specific set of files?
    Can you give us an example of the files that you want to read and which option you use in your Get File Name step?


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    The idea is use variable to configurate IP, email addres, database name - user - pw, wilcard and path to call files, etc... with out open the job or transformation. Then, you can modify the properties file.

    Attach my transformation and properties file.



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