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Thread: Remote execution of pan/kitchen with Carte

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    Default Remote execution of pan/kitchen with Carte

    I recently started playing around with carte and find it to be quite nice. I have read the docs to the best of my ability and it has not jumped out at me on how to do what I think I want to do.

    Basically I want to make a few slave servers. In the past I use to setup cron jobs on each host and execute locally which caused me often to dig around on various systems to see which system had the cron job that triggered the event.

    Moving forward I would like all the cron jobs on one system that uses carte to dispatch the jobs to the proper server. I see how to run the jobs via the gui (and get it to run properly on the remote host) but I do not see what to pass via the command line?

    For example -user=xxx -pass=xxx -file=/usr/local/kettle/repositories.xml -rep=repname -dir=test -trans=test -level=Detail -parm=remotehostort

    What am I overlooking?

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    In the Trans or Job job entries (in a job) you can specify the slave server where you want to run.
    So wrap your transformation in a job and you're done.

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    Hi Im having a similar problem. My kjb file has all the master and slave remote server information. However when I use kitchen to run it all the components run locally and not on carte in the remote design. Could you please help

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