We encounter very heavy performance issue while using PDI 4.2 to load data from MyISAM engine mysql tables then INNODB engine mysql tables.

I just do a simple test to load 5000 rows from a myisam table to both myisam destination and innodb destination, the performance gap is huge. while using myisam, i can only handle 17rows/second, while handling innodb, that is 1000rows/second,

I am using the latest 5.18 jconnector now, but i tried 5.17 and 5.08 also, same result.

But inside mysql, load 5000 rows into myisam is only 0.02 second, comparing 5000 rows into innodb's 0.17 seconds, it is even faster ?

Do I really miss something during my configure ?
I can not find something useful in advance options in my PDI db connection

Any help will be welcomed, thanks a lot.