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Thread: trigger based public schedule

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    Default trigger based public schedule


    How can I trigger a public schedule to run NOW, through an xaction? I can see this option in enterprise console, but cannot call this through an xaction (as add job component of xaction creates a new job, does not run an existing public schedule)

    Ive been asking this in multiple ways in multiple threads... and my apologies for that!

    But what i exactly require is this "I need to provide 'subscribable' public schedules to users in user console!
    But I want these reports to run based on trigger (only after the DWH load is complete!)

    Just bursting is fine! But what are the limitations in a public schedule, can't i run it by an external trigger?

    The ideas I got/got from community were:
    to use Polling through PDI transformation calls from xaction . This would become too unreliable if set for all report xactions
    we could call an xactions thro wget (this could be a cool option, as I call it). But this xaction needs to run the public schedules when I call them!

    Please advice!

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    Default shedule report in pentaho

    1. In the main page of the Pentaho Open Admin Console, click Administration.
    2. Click the Scheduler tab.
    3. In the Scheduler, click first icon on the left to open the Scheduler Creator dialog box.
    4. Under Schedule, enter a Name for the schedule, for example, Monthly Sales.
    5. Enter a Group associated with the schedule, for example, Sales Schedules.
    6. Enter a short Description of the schedule. for example, "Schedule runs on the first of each month, schedule runs on Monday of each week."
    7. Select a Recurrence Type. You can schedule the action sequence to run once at a particular date and time only, or have it recur in seconds, minutes, hours, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or recur based on a Cron string. The options in the Recurrence Editor change depending on the type of recurrence you select.
    8. Click OK.

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