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Thread: Unable to edit data source - error serializing joins

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    Default Unable to edit data source - error serializing joins


    It appears this may be a bug but I'm hoping I'm wrong or that there's a workaround of some kind.

    We're using BI with a MySQL database in which all of the table and field names are camel-cased (they all start with lower case letters, e.g. userId). When first creating a data source, the fields are fetched with the correct capitalization (e.g. userId) but if we later go back and edit the data source, the fields for tables that were already part of the data source are now always fetched with the first letter capitalized (e.g. UserId). This causes an error when BI tries to serialize the joins, hanging the browser and failing to save the edits.

    Does anyone know if there's possibly something we're doing wrong or if not, whether this issue has already been identified?



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    I'm having the same problem, a year and a half after this post was created.
    2013-01-07 19:36:12,578 ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.dataaccess.datasource.wizard.service.impl.MultitableDatasourceService] Error serializing joins
    org.pentaho.agilebi.modeler.ModelerException: Invalid Relationship

    The way I corrected this was to clear the model before adjusting the joins.

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