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Thread: Enclosure and quotes

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    Default Enclosure and quotes

    Hello everyone,

    I have text file with tab as a separator and where text fields are enclosed in quotes. It looks like PDI consider quotes as separator as well (slightly different). For example if I have fields with quotes inside is will read only up to second quotation mark i.e. "Example with "quotes" inside". PDI will read only "Example with ". I attached an example. Does anybody know how to make PDI read it all until next tab?


    P.S. I know workaround. I can use CSV as input, but still wonder why text input behaves this way
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    Hi Alex.
    If you remove the "encloser" option, it should read the sentence:
    Example with "quotes" inside
    in one single field.

    In your example, I would search for quote-tab-quote and replace it with tab.
    This should keep your quotes inside each field.
    Then you can read the file deleting the "encloser" option.


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    Thank you, Mick!
    I will try it. However, I am surprised that CSV input behaves differently from Text input. Seems like a bug.

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