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Thread: PUC - new datasource created from metadata-editor not showing

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    Default PUC - new datasource created from metadata-editor not showing

    I have created an metadata.xmi from the metadata-editor and have copied it to pentaho-solutions/bi-developers/ by following the instructions here: http://interestingittips.wordpress.c...ubuntu-part-9/

    I have refreshed the data using Tools > Refresh > Reporting Metadata

    However, when attempting to create and adhoc report from the PUC the datasource does not show; cannot see it in the list of available sources. This happens with biserver versions 3.7 and 4.1


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    Hi abbottk,

    I had the same problem as you and I was getting crazy until, thanks to God, I found your link, but you have missed one additional step. The first step, the file must to be named as "metadata.xmi" (this is were I was stuck). Second step, use the Tools menu to refresh the repository cache and the report metadata in this order. Sorry I don't know the exact titles in the menu because I'm using the spanish translation


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