I have a dimension 'DIM1' that link a table 'DIM1' with 4 fields, F1 that is key, F2,F3 and F4.
I want a Hierarchy with 2 level, one level with F2 concatenated to F3, one level with F4.
Now I have this configuration:
<Hierarchy visible="true" hasAll="true" primaryKey="F1"><Table name="DIM1" schema="SCHEMA_NAME"></Table><Level name="F2" visible="true" column="F2" nameColumn="F2" type="String" uniqueMembers="true" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never"/><Level name="F4" visible="true" column="F4" nameColumn="F4" type="String" uniqueMembers="true" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never"/>

How Can I show F2+F3 and not only F2 for the first level ? Do I have to add a column on DIM1 table or I can do it from configuration ?