I have a need to implement a process with the following basic sequence:
  1. The user uploads one or 2 files.
  2. Each file is associated with some input parameters.
  3. The file(s) format is checked, order and names of columns etc. It should match one of two selectable templates or it be quite random.
  4. If it doesn't match then the user is prompted to match the columns to expected columns. (needs complex prompting - perhaps with two correlated lists)
  5. The contents of file is then checked. Part of this is currently done with PDI, part with Perl and SQL. We plan to move it all to PDI.
  6. There may be exceptions etc. so display reports to the user.
  7. The user is offered some remediation actions including removing all items where column X = "a", removing all items where column Z contains "b", view all items and remove selected items.
  8. Recheck the file. If it passes send an email to another user if not go back to step 6 or offer to upload a different file.
  9. The other user runs a PDI process to signoff and generate more reports.

In the above description steps 4 and 7 require some complex prompting of the user. I took a quick look at the Pentaho Design Studio and flipped through the "Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing" book by Roland Bouman. I didn't see any way to build a complex form for inputs in the xaction builder. Is there a way to do this? Or is there an alternate Pentaho way to do this that anyone would suggest?

I would be very happy if I could use the BI Server for this use case since we have a two simple cases for the same user group that can easily be done with the BI Server.