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Thread: XAction redirects to html page

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    Default XAction redirects to html page

    Hello all,

    according to what I read in the internet is seems feasible generating an xaction which redirects to an html page.

    To be more specific: what I want to achieve is having an xaction where I use some input parameters (username, dates,...), these parameters will be provided into an html link like the following (birt viewer)


    the goal is that when clicking on the xaction file in pentaho user console, the user is redirected to the link showed above automatically.

    I looked into the available xactions in pentaho design studio but i am not finding one to help me in my purpose.

    I am thinking on this solution in order to work with the username in birt viewer.

    Any ideas??

    thank you very much and merry christmas!!

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    investigating through the forum I found a workaround using Javacript for this purpose

    The issue is that, this workaround works for old pentaho versions (1.7) but at least not working for me on 3.6

    Anyone has some experience dealing with JS and html generation using Xactions?

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