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Thread: Multiple BIRT Reports in Adhoc Web-Based Reporting Tool

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    Default Multiple BIRT Reports in Adhoc Web-Based Reporting Tool

    I'm using the BIRT pentaho plugin described here:

    The plugin works great when I run just one BIRT report. However, the following steps produce an error:

    1. Open a first BIRT report in the pentaho web based reporting tool.
    2. Open a second BIRT report without closing the first report.
    3. Click on the title bar item for the first BIRT report from step 1.

    Expected Behavior - the first report appears
    Actual Behavior - a blank white screen appears

    Workaround - Close both the first and second BIRT reports. Only open one BIRT report at a time.

    Is there any better workaround or fix? Any suggestions about what I could try?


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    Hi birtPentahoUser8,

    I tried, but couldn't reproduce this. I can open and use multiple reports without any problems.
    Can you post your configuration and any errors you might get in the logs?


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    I spent some more time researching this and it was a problem specific to my environment. My SSL certificate was mis-configured and causing the problem. Fixing the SSL certificate fixed this issue.

    Thanks for looking into it though.

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