I am working on a project where it is necessary personalize the content of the report based on the user logged. I am using BIRT for developing and BIRT viewer for showing the reports.

I looked into some tutorials and seems possible to achieve what I need.

First, I follow this one https://sites.google.com/site/dynami...iewer-security. I managed to get the username, as a variable/parameter into birt, but bad news is that i am getting the login page when running birt viewer from pentaho plattform. I can pentaho in my browser as trusted site to avoid such behaviour, but i would prefer not.

I thought about a workaround. Instead of getting the user from BIRT, let's pass the user as a parameter when launching birt viewer. I went into the plugin.xml file and I included a parameter called "pentahousername". In this parameter, I am trying to assign the authenticated user, so when developing birt I can declare a parameter with the same name and play with it.


In the code below, I am trying to get the userid, using "principalName", as I am doing with Xactions, but the parameter in birt is showing {principalName}. My questions are:

does my workaround make any sense? if yes, what is the enviroment variable to pass to my parameter? should be principalName as I am using?