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Thread: How to connect to an Oracle Service NOT a SID using Pentaho Spoon

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    Default How to connect to an Oracle Service NOT a SID using Pentaho Spoon

    I had a need to connect to an Oracle Service NOT a SID recently. The underlying reason was that the Database was configured as a Cluster and exposed as a Service not a SID. It turns out that Pentaho 4.2.1 does not offer an option to configure this (yet), when making a straight JDBC connection to an Oracle DB, but I did find a work around.There's a subtle difference in the JDBC URL to connect to SID vs. Service:

    SID URL:

    Service URL:

    note that to connect to an Oracle Service requires a forward slash to replace the colon (shown in red).
    To work around this, when creating a DB connection, in the JDBC settings I simply added a forward slash to the DB name and 'voila' Pentaho Spoon allowed me to connect to the Oracle Service.

    Host Name:
    Database Name: /myDB

    If you're using JNDI, then you should not have a problem, as your JDBC URL is contained within your JNDI property file and you can configure for SID or Service directly in the URL.

    I hope this helps!
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    To display the URLs without the HTML editor converting to smilies, here they are using zero for the letter O

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    I have a similar issue here, we need to setup a connection able to use both methods, then I can't use the / as hardcode, but if I use the / in my parameter the connection not understand as a service and mount a url like hostort:/service_name. Do you have any idea for help me?


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    Forward slash in front of the database name within the connection prompt works for this type of connection.

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