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Thread: Use external properties-files to localize report

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    Default Use external properties-files to localize report


    I'm trying to find a way to support localization of many reports that is easy to maintain. If I create the .properties-files in PRD all is well for the moment, but in order to change a common translation or add an item that is relevant for multiple reports, I would have to make the changes to each and every of these reports. Therefore I want to put common translations in centrally stored properties-files on a BI Server and have the reports pick them up at runtime.

    In the older PRD versions you could set a Resource Path my question is where do I do that in the newer PRD versions (e.g. 3.8.2) and can this path be an URL, preferably supporting the env:: variables?

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    In PRD-3.5 and upwards, we only load via the classpath. If the file is in the bundle, we try to load it from there first, otherwise we try to load it as file from the classpath.

    So if you either put your files into "WEB-INF/classes" or add the directory with your bundles as part of the classpath, it will work with the shared resources.

    Loading from other sources is not supported right now, but could be easily added if you file a JIRA case
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    Here is the JIRA case:

    I hope the use case makes sense. If not or you already have a better approach for this use case, let me know.

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