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Thread: Why change from HSQL to MySQL/MSSQL/Postgess ?

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    Default Why change from HSQL to MySQL/MSSQL/Postgess ?

    I am aware of the guide ( to change Pentaho default HSQL repository to an other database.
    For me it is not very clear why you would want to do that?

    In a situation with about 5 report builders and say a 100 to 200 reportviewers with about 1000 reports would it be a problem to keep the HSQL solution? I know it is very general but any wise words on this are appreciated. Is updating the HSQL an issue.


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    Hi Jeroen,

    we put the hibernate and quartz databases into a schema of the data warehouse database
    only because of the backup and restore mechanisms we already implemented for the data
    warehouse db. Admins were not happy with backing up the hsql-db via file system backup.

    The integrated hsql libraries are pretty old - I think pentaho still uses 1.8 and hsql is available
    in version 2.6 (?) already. As the provided data within the pentaho package is not compatible
    to versions newer than hsql 2.x, you would have to convert data.


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