I am trying to implement a chain that does

XactionA -> XactionB -> PRPTA

So XactionA calls XactionB with a bunch of parameters that calls PRPTA with some parameters.
One of the parameter passed from XactionA to PRPTA is the outputType parameter.

When I set it to text/html I have no problem. I have the result I want.
But when I call XactionA with a different values (application/pdf) it display me the PDF binary not the PDF itself. Content-Type of my request header is set to text/html.

When calling XactionB directly it works just fine.

How can I tell XactionA to return application/pdf as Content-Type header attribute value instead of text/html?

I tried the following but no luck so far.

                <outputstream type="content" mime-type="application/pdf" />
Thank you for any advice one can give,