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Thread: BI Suite shutting down at random

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    Unhappy BI Suite shutting down at random

    New problem for me, not sure if this has been posted already.

    Just last week, I installed BI Suite 3.8 (can't go any higher, too many Mondrian reports) on a new Linux server. For 4 days, it showed instability, least of it was the random shut down, so I did what most devs would do in my place: REPLACED IT.

    Clean install, with a minor exception of the pentaho_solutions directory, since it contained all of my schemas and reports. Copied this from my dev station that has a fully functional 3.8 with no issues. Problem is, it has been a total of 8 days since I reinstalled. For some odd reason, it keeps shutting down on me. I mean, someone's executing the file, but according to the history, no one's done that. I've checked the logs, and I still do so to make sure this new server works fine, and nothing shows up. Every log that Pentaho has, nothing showed that it was shut down manually or due to an error. It simply shut down.

    Any ideas on this guys? Really hope you can help. This is a real head scratcher for me.
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    Anyone? This shutdown thing is starting to get really annoying as its becoming more frequent.
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    HELP!!! Shut down issue is really getting more frequent. Its now shutting down almost every 8mins now. And the catalina logs don't tell us why! Please help.

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    The logs will tell you why. A java process doesnt die without telling you why. If it is exiting silently then you either have a duff jvm, or a sysadmin who really wants you to use some other tool ( i.e. killing it!)

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    That's the funny part...none of logs in any part of Pentaho tells me anything. It would only show all the regular errors, but nothing indicating it killed the service.

    It maybe that duff jvm you mentioned. Please give me some suggestions. My users are killing me here! =(

    Addendum: Just noticed my partner doing some Mondrian reports. When she creates something new and a bit complex, the BI Server shuts down. I was surprised that I had to restart the system thrice in 19 mins. The Schemas were created when the system was on the BI Server 3.0 version (which is still active till now). The 3.0 doesn't crash at all, whereas 3.8 does.
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