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    Default Login automaticlly


    i try to finding some solution for login in the automatic way, a jsp file that be replaced with the PUClogin.jsp, and when we call this file (login.jsp for example) it connect to BI server and redirect to the home page whit all folder that the connected user have access.

    i found this link ( but even with the wrong user, pass, it connect and other problem it's when i connect even with the correct user,pass i can't see any thing in the "Browse" part.

    Ps. the idea is to integrate pentaho in other system that has already user and pass, when user is connected, he can click on the link, and we pass the just username to login.js, in login.js we find this user is equivalent of which user in pentaho and login ...

    thanks in advance

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    hi kodotkom,

    Your aim is to go to home page directly without seeing login page. If this is your case please set default username and password like joe and auto submit the form.


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    not exacly, what i'm searching is not exactly going to home page, but verifing in the server side a username and password.
    I have two server, user sign in to the first server with for example user server1_user_1, and when he clicks on the Pentaho link, i want send server1_user_1 to the server 2 (Pentaho server), and there he search in the table that server1_user_1 is equivalent of for example user : joe and pass : password and then it logs in to pentaho, and then going to the pentaho home page with out passing by client side ..

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