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Thread: Metadata Column Sort

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    Default Metadata Column Sort


    I am creating a Metadata layer with the Pentaho Editor for Interactive Reporting within the User Console. I am trying to use a Date dimension table and have found no way to select an alternative column to sort on.

    My example is Sales Month. Obviously I don't want April, August, December etc to appear, but want to sort by Month number. Can this be done using the Metadata editor. I have been trying to search for a column attribute in the business view column but have had no luck. It is possible in the Mondrian schema workbench using the 'ordinal column' drop down. It seems like quite a basic requirement. I also have other items that I would like to sort not alphabetically.

    Many thanks in advance for any help and tips,


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    Option 1: your date dimension must have a month number column! simplest.
    Option 2:
    else: Create a new physical column in metadata editor. , say "month_number" or something:

    Then in the formula tab of it, write:

    [salesmonth] = "jan";
    [salesmonth] = "feb";
    and so on. Dont forget to check 'is the formula exact' option to true!
    Use this column in your business table and business view.
    Sort by this column!

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    Thank you for your reply,

    So, I had a Month_Int Column in my Date Dimension table. I am stuck on how to specify that column as the 'Order by' column. Am I missing something very obvious in the metadata editor?

    I was expecting it to be an attribute of a column either in the Business View or the Physical Table?

    Option 2 is my backup plan for today!

    Thanks again

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    wgorman Guest


    Here is the feature request for ordinal columns in Pentaho Metdata:

    Please vote for the case!

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